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We'll post when it's ready for testing. Note though it is possible that OSX Yeah I have tried multiple times to upgrade my OSX but errors occur every time. It is really annoying.

How to fix fortnite crashing on launch/startup!(PC & MAC)

Thank you so much for making a test build though! TouchedChicken Some tweaks were made in the code. If you want, we'll provide you a test build.

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  • I have to go to school now but I will try it once I get home. I tried running it without the splash files like before, and everything seems to be visually the same. It opens up a black screen then comes up with the error. Heres the console info for the crash with out the splash files:. Not necessarily but we're not sure exactly why Ok thanks!

    Just thought i would let you know, the same crash happens when I launch the new version 1. It doesnt get to the black screen part though Heres console info:.

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    Yeah, we haven't found a solution yet. If you really want to use it until we find a solution, it should run from source on OSX Thing is they're not compatible with the newest OSX versions and our compiler, so I can't just downgrade the main build. Im not in super desperate need, Im getting upgrading to a better windows laptop in a few months. Just thought I would let you know. If anyone is still on it I highly recommend updating since apple doesn't support it any more.

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    This doesn't mean I won't stop keeping an eye out for solutions, but with how apple libraries are I'm not sure how much we can do without breaking modern OSX compatibility. This issue happened to me too on Ubuntu Anyway, are you running from source? If yes, do you use the latest commit? Did you installed correctly the dependencies especially the pygame ones?

    When you install pygame, pay attention to also install its binary dependencies.

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    • Pay attention to have these packages installed on your system in order to MCEdit work as expected:. Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 31 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up. New issue. MCEdit 1.

      OS X System Specific. Copy link Quote reply. This comment has been minimized. Sign in to view. LaChal, by open do you mean right click then click on the Show Package Contents option? Try to remove the splash. The black square at startup is now normal. The error is still there, but in another place of the program. By the way, your OS seem to be a bit old. This may be the cause. I'll let people with more knowledge with MacOS look at this Deleting every remaining. You may also try to run from source, but you'll have to install the development dependencies.

      Another solution can be to install MCEdit in a virtual machine, if you can. LaChal added a commit that referenced this issue May 9, Changed some file format … This is related to issue Give this a try and let us know if it crashes or not. Same thing seems to be happening with this new build. Heres the console info again: Heres the console info for the crash with out the splash files: Does that mean that it is just my laptop being to old to run it?

      It doesnt get to the black screen part though Heres console info: Khroki closed this May 26, This is an old issue, for an old MCEdit-Unified version These resources have to be built with the same rules than MCEdit ones. The UI fixed character strings can appear in users native language by simply editing translation files. It is also possible to re build the language template and files and to use custom fonts. Developers don't have to tweak their code so much.

      The only modifications concern strings which need text formatting or concatenation. You can make your own and add it in the splashes folder. The name of the file does not matter. Just pay attention it is a PNG image. There isn't any MCEdit setting to enable or disable this feature for now. The splash file in the MCEdit install folder handles it.

      It is a plain text file, and it contains the name of an image to be used as a splash screen. To unactivate the random splash screens, edit the splash file and delete its content. If you delete the file, it will be generated again, and the feature will be activated. In this case, you should set up the virtualenv first, like this:. Note about python-xlib: Some Linux distros do not have version 0.

      Navigating MCEdit

      In this case, you should install it with pip either in a virtualenv, or after removing the system package. Please, mind to adapt the following information according to your operating system! Use the all argument to build all the libraries the script can handle. The nbt one will build only the NBT support. The png one will build only the PNG support. The help one can, ehhh, help MCPE support requires a special library.

      MCEdit will run without it, but you will not be able to edit Pocket worlds. On Linux systems, it is necessary to compile the library, because it requires to be linked to zlib one on the system. It may be necessary to compile zlib specifically for the PE support if the one on the system is not compatible.

      It may also happen this library is not on the system Note that, if you use the installer for Linux, this script is used during installation to build the library. It is possible to enable a debug mode for PE support by running MCEdit with the --debug-pe option on the command line. Some messages will be displayed in the console. This file can be very big, so be carefull with this debug mode! You can use this option several times to get more information in the file.


      Currently, using this option more than 2 times will have no effect. Some unfinished features and fixes may be included in future MCEdit-Unified releases, this inactive code can be activated using the process below. Use at your own risk. These 'new features' will change during the program development. Features may be added or removed at will and may not work at all, most will eventually end up in a release as a normal feature. No documentation is provided for them, except in the code source itself. We recommend you to use this only if you have at least some familiarity with programming and source code, or if requested by a developer.

      We highly recommend backing up your worlds and even the whole game before using this function, even if requested by the devs. Toggle navigation RecordNotFound. Technology moves fast!

      Leave a review! Trendy new open source projects in your inbox! View examples. Evaluating MCEdit-Unified for your project? Score Explanation. Commits Score? Localisation This version implements localisation functions. Running from source Requirements These programs and packages are required: General git Python 2. Clone repo Clone the repo recursively, to also clone submodules: Install dependencies Linux On Linux, these may be installed at the system level with your distro package manager.

      In this case, you should set up the virtualenv first, like this: