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App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Description Plan optimal routes or chart your own course using weather, elevation, curves and more. Siri Integration iOS Take the backroads on your next adventure!

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More reliable traffic displays. Full address shown below selected pins. Position in Bookmarks now remembered, more Also new: Improvements to subscription renewals. Improvements related to: More legible and shows pin name or address directly on map - iPad drag-and-drop: Improved management of routes and pins - A single "Save" button has been added to save both routes and non-route pins, for easier saving of trips with POI pins.

Likewise a new single "Clear" button allows removing both pin types.

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For example, trips with POI pins can now be restored with one tap. Additional ease-of-use updates - Larger fonts and controls - Route's departure time displayed at the top of weather charts, for easier verification of this important weather forecast input.

More trails in RouteBuddy? Oh Yes!

These could be your saved "work" and "home" locations or any other Bookmarks, including multi-stop routes. Ideal for returning back along your previous route.

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Simply drop a waypoint on the closed road and a route along that road will be used. Nov 9, Version 6. Size Category Navigation.

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Compatibility Requires iOS 9. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Languages English, French, German, Spanish. I started all this with TrailRunner and it's for historical reasons that TrailRunner 3 is donation-ware. As TrailRunner 3 is rather complicated to use, I chose to rewrite the heart of it for TrailRunner mini.

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  4. The younger sibling is much easier to use and has far less features. But in an amount and complexity I can easily support and extend in the future. Something I can't do for every aspect of Trailrunner 3. Therefore TrailRunner 3 still is donation-ware while TrailRunner mini is more or less commercial software. Bottom line I develop all this stuff in my spare time.

    That's crazy, I know. So whatever app you use, have fun with them, let me know what you think and please understand that in the end -- it is the money I make with them what gives me the motivation to stick with it. RaceBunny 4 -- Plan and Follow a route The typical learning curve goes from prejudices on how things should work to misunderstandings on what is actually going on to understanding and loving TrailRunner or bailing out for something else.

    This all rotates around the difference between a track, workout, diary entry, route and the network of tracks.

    TrailRunner - Mac OS X route planning and training software for Garmin GPS or Nike+ SportBand

    And to be honest, I know this problem and I am constantly trying to make things easier to understand. In fact TrailRunner is three applications in one. TrailRunner is - an activity journal - a mapping application to maintain a network of tracks - a route planning application So whenever you import something into TrailRunner, your intentions might go into either direction. And interestingly this even shifts over time — as new users with new devices stumble upon TrailRunner.

    Probably the following "glossary" might help understanding what TrailRunner is about and what the application can do for you — whenever you drop data into it: Track A track is a list of geographic points with GPS coordinates. Within the real world a track describes the path from e. Each sign-post representing a crossing that connects to other tracks. Within the context of such a way or street, a track contains no timing or heartrate information. It's only where , not when and how.

    Network of Tracks One big feature in TrailRunner is to build and maintain a network of tracks. That is much like the lines of streets, roads, ways, trails and pathes printed on maps. The difference is that your network of tracks is your personal collection. A collection that represents the paths you actually run or cycle on, masking everything else out that you dislike or haven't strolled along yet.

    Route Within this network of tracks you have routes. A route is more or less a sequence of tracks. One important thing is that within a route, if you go back and forth a track, this track is part of the route twice.

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    This is the most problematic part as simple GPS recordings never have this kind of conceptual differentiation. So I reject the idea that a route and a track should be the same thing.

    As with Google Maps, CoPilot GPS will let users enter in a destination; it calculates routes, offering directions, distance, and travel time. Users will be able to enter in up to 50 stops on a trip—CoPilot GPS will calculate the best route to hit all those stops. Other features slated for CoPilot GPS include support for Bing and Wikipedia to provide information about points of interest as well as real-time weather data. In addition, CoPilot GPS will offer Twitter and Facebook integration, allowing users to post status updates from within the navigation app.