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Popcorn Time was created by a development team with one aim: The torrent is downloaded to your PC and is seeded for as long as your machine is powered on. Restart and the torrent disappears. It seems unlikely Popcorn Time will ever exists as a service endorsed by the movie industry and that Netflix is the best we are going to get.

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Is Popcorn Time really the best app in Entertainment category? Popcorn Time is an app for instantly watching torrent movies. Download the app, choose a show, and watch the show from within the app. Select HD or subtitles and enjoy.

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Watch torrent movies instantly beta. Follow This App Developer website: Yeah, never ever use Popcorn Time. Never again. Posted on Jun 20, 1: Posted on Jun 20, 5: Page content loaded. Jun 20, 1: Well, there was no reason at all to open the laptop and pull the battery. Erasing the drive was major overkill, too.

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Can't say for sure long distance, but I'd say the battery was not properly reconnected. Your best move at this point would be to take it to an Apple Store. Hang out for a bit, though.

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Others may have an idea about getting the battery to behave normally again. Jun 20, 2: I never unplugged the battery. I didn't have the correct screwdriver to even open the laptop haha. And I didn't really have anything important on my SSD that I would need that couldn't be saved from the cloud. I don't know if it can be related to your issue s.

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That includes me bringing my laptop to Apple. Not only is it overly expensive to bring my stuff to them, but it's impractical when I could just try and fix it myself.

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If they can fix the actual laptop without giving me a new one, so can I. So just a coincidence that I couldn't force quit some software, and after not being able to force quit the software, i force reboot the system and it no longer works? Sorry, misread the various parts about the battery. You had read about it, but didn't actually do it.

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While I do see your model in in the recall list, it doesn't say anything about battery issues. You can contact Apple and see what they say, but I doubt they'll cover it for this particular issue. I'm thinking whether or not I'm gonna sell or trade this macbook pro away after I'm done with the problem. Although it's the latest one that can be upgraded meaning ram and storage from ither companies than apple, like crucial , I don't know anymore if that upgradibility is worth it anymore if I can't fix this easily.