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This is a key value for us. If you would like to contribute to the accessibility of Gutenberg, we can always use more people to test and contribute. In other terms, this optimizes for a format that prioritizes human readability the HTML document of the web and easy-to-render-anywhere over a machine convenient file JSON in post-meta that benefits the editing context primarily. This also gives us the flexibility to store those blocks that are inherently separate from the content stream reusable pieces like widgets or small post type elements elsewhere, and just keep token references for their placement.

We suggest you look at the Gutenberg key concepts to learn more about how this aspect of the project works. Blocks are likely to become the main way users interact with content. Users are going to be discovering functionality in the new universal inserter tool, with a richer block interface that provides more layout opportunities.

Set the Building Blocks That You Can Use for a Content Control

As part of the focus on the editor in , a focus on customization and sitebuilding is next. From the kickoff post:. With the editor, we lay the foundation for bigger things when it comes to page building and customization.


A lot of features are planned, too many to list. But a rough roadmap is: As an open-source project, we believe that it is critical for WordPress to continue to innovate and keep working to make the core experience intuitive and enjoyable for all users.

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What is Gutenberg? This was the kickoff goal: Key takeaways include the following points: Authoring richly laid-out posts is a key strength of WordPress. By embracing blocks as an interaction paradigm, we can unify multiple different interfaces into one. When will Gutenberg be merged into WordPress? Pasted links for embeds. Shortcodes for specialized assets from plugins. Featured images for the image at the top of a post or page.

Excerpts for subheadings. Widgets for content on the side of a page. What is the writing experience like? Here is a brief animation illustrating the Gutenberg writing experience: Are there Keyboard Shortcuts for Gutenberg?

Set the Building Blocks That You Can Use for a Content Control | Microsoft Docs

There are a lot! There is a help modal showing all available keyboard shortcuts. This is the canonical list of keyboard shortcuts: Press again to select all blocks. What browsers will Gutenberg support? Gutenberg will work in modern browsers, and Internet Explorer How do I make my own block? How can plugins extend the Gutenberg UI? Will Custom Post Types be supported? Will there be columns?

Type property Word property value of wdContentControlBuildingBlockGallery specifies a content control that can contain document building blocks. The WdBuildingBlockTypes enumeration contains each building block type. You can only use the following building block types within a building block gallery content control:. For more information about content controls, see Working with Content Controls.


The objects used in this sample are:. Rick Smolan, Photographer with Rick Smolan. Structurer son dessin avec AutoCAD Utiliser les fichiers source 41s. Structurer avec les filtres de calques et Design Center 3m 19s. Dessiner le plan de la maison dans AutoCAD. Dessiner les murs et les cloisons de la maison 8m 59s.

Mettre des cotes annotatives 4m 20s. Mettre en page le dessin et imprimer le plan 9m 15s.

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Poursuivre le montage en 3D de la maison 5m 58s. Finaliser la maison en 3D 4m 31s. Conclure sur l'atelier pratique avec AutoCAD 53s. Mark as unwatched Mark all as unwatched Are you sure you want to mark all the videos in this course as unwatched? Mark all as unwatched Cancel. Take notes with your new membership! Continue Assessment You started this assessment previously and didn't complete it. Resume Start Over. Share this video. This movie is locked and only viewable to logged-in members.

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