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Multiple layouts for the main screen folder, list and details panels.

List, Images or Card View for your game lists. Different templates for the game details panel. Light, Dark and System skins for all screens. Easily add games to your database, by Title or by Barcode Adding new games to your personal game database is quick and easy: Just search our online game database by title or by barcode.

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Select the game and edition you own. Click the Add button. Our Core online game database will then automatically provide Full game details like title, platform, description.

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  • Buy them together and get a discount.
  • Buy them together and get a discount.
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  • Use the free CLZ Cloud service to:.

More information like genre, developer, publisher, release date, etc.. Cover art, back drop art and trailer videos. Use the free CLZ Cloud service to: So for now I have a subscription well into , and I will surely extend as long as you are around please promise me to be! I sold my entire video game collection including my beloved Virtual Boy: After working as a personal trainer for quite some time here in Norway I began to realize that many students and young people couldn't afford training with me but they really wanted to.

Being a person who likes to barter I one day asked a guy if he had any old game systems to trade since he couldn't afford to train with me. I made these trades for a while until I decided to switch careers making these kinds of deals no longer possible. I continued buying and trading for things from used items websites up until about 1 year ago when I seriously pissed off my wife.

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I ended up contacting a guy that was selling games from his house like a regular GameStop or something for really cheap. He told me he was looking to get out of the business and everything had to go. He told me he had a storage unit filled with things he needed to trash. I think I ended up counting PS2 controllers alone for example.

This filled up my wife's Audi A3 to where I couldn't see out the back or the passenger side window as Playstation was my passenger now. The plan was simple. Get home, unload the car, and get everything to the game room before my wife got back from picking up the kid. I failed miserably. She arrived just as I opened the trunk of my car. The look on her face peering from inside her Nissan Leaf told me that I was in for some serious pain. After she yelled at me and asked me "What the hell I was thinking?! Obvoiusly not a great answer, but the only answer I could use to help diffuse the situation.

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I brought box after box of stuff down into the basement while my wife glared at me from the living room. Excitedly I sorted everything out and felt like I had hit the jackpot. Took me hours into the night to sort everything and I realized that I would one day need to catalogue all this stuff so I didn't buy games I already had.

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I ended up trashing a lot of things I deemed unusable or uninteresting to me but still kept a big chunk of what I had picked up from the dealer. Flash forward about a year and I discovered the CLZ app. I have around games and over 40 consoles.

Video Game Database Software - catalog your game collection

I really wanted to take my collection to the next step and that's where CLZ stepped in. I've tried other apps but they didn't come close to finding all my PAL games. Very basic, no thrills, just the title and I do list the price I paid.. I'm on iOS so I'm not sure if there is an android version or not but for me this has been the easiest and cleanest interface. I've tried a lot of apps for this, but thanks for suggesting Gameye Not quite perfect, but it may be my go to app for my collection now. Nice to have a back up. If you're willing to pay there's the combo of "clz games" on android, not sure of iOS version and the collectorz desktop app - windows - that works pretty good.

They both sync to the same online database and I find the android app much easier to read on a phone screen compared to a spreadsheet. The companion, "clz Barry", turns your phone into a barcode reader connected direct to the desktop app making initial collection inventory much easier. There's disadvantages to both course, I don't use the desktop app so much any longer effectively I use to back up my database but I still like the combo. Of course I also use Google spreadsheets for easier access.

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  • Video Game Database Software - catalog your game collection.
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The clz app on the desktop is really a front end for a full featured database. And I didn't spend the time to fully learn it. Also I don't have to install anything to use it. Let me preface this with while I have several systems and collections, I really only track my NES collection. Years ago, I started with a hardcopy print out of all the games. I would highlight the games as I acquired them. This became a pain in the ass when looking for games and resulted in several duplicates being accidentally acquired.

I then switched to excel, it worked well, but also ran the risk of duplicates as I wouldn't always have access to a computer. I then switched to Google sheets, it has been awesome to work with. I can access it anywhere with my smartphone, even export to excel if needed. I also use Nintendo age as a backup. It has some great options, like manuals and boxes, that add more info to your tracking. No similar apps have been recommended yet. You can add your suggestions to the right. App Name. Smile Score. Suggest other similar software suggested. Current Version 1. Downloads 28, Version Downloads 2, License Free.

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