Download system profiler mac os x 10.6

See our article on Mac backup plans for more info on backing up your Mac.

How to get System Report and the system.log file in macOS

I personally recommend creating a bootable-clone backup using SuperDuper or Carbon Copy Cloner for the task, although a Time Machine backup will do, as well. To test a clone or other bootable backup, use the Startup Disk pane of System Preferences to boot from the backup drive. To test a Time Machine or other non-bootable backup, try restoring several files—both older ones and newer ones—to make sure you can recover your data should disaster strike.

Snow Leopard users should disable FileVault: Mountain Lion, like Lion before it, uses a different and much-improved approach to encryption, called FileVault 2.

Upgrade to El Capitan Mac OS 10.11

Apple says you can keep using the Snow Leopard implementation for previously-encrypted user accounts, but FileVault 2 is the better way to go, and what better time to make the switch than now? Disable third-party disk encryption: Most of these products interact with your drive and the OS at a low level, and an incompatibility with Mountain Lion could leave you unable to boot your Mac or, worse, unable to access your data at all. However, given that FileVault 2 also encrypts your entire drive, you might consider this an opportunity to migrate to FileVault 2.

Run Software Update: You should also check for updated firmware for your particular Mac model.


Check for Mountain Lion-compatible updates to third-party software: If you take some time to check compatibility before installing OS X The list shows both Lion and Mountain Lion compatibility—be sure to look at the Mountain Lion column. The biggest offenders here—in terms of being incompatible with Mountain Lion—will be programs and system add-ons that integrate with or hack OS X at a low level. This will be a bigger issue for people upgrading from Snow Leopard. So be sure to check vendor websites for OS X Snow Leopard users only: However, Apple killed Rosetta completely when Lion was released, and it remains unavailable in Mountain Lion.

Alternatively, you could keep an old Mac on hand to run those apps when needed. In the Menu Bar, click the Apple logo.

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Select About this Mac. Click More Info. Click System Report.

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In OS X May have been renamed in The "More Info That is one of the three ways I went to get the System Profiler to come up. I do not have this option.

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The option key thing was really handy. Reinstalling now. A clean install is just as well at this point anyway, so this works really well for me. It's certainly better than doing a piecemeal install of missing utilities. I absolutely agree.

[SOLVED] System Profiler missing from MacBook Pro OS X - Spiceworks

System Information. This article explains how to obtain a scanner profile to submit to us. From the Apple Menu, hold the option key down and select the topmost option in the menu under OS X From the pane on the left-hand side of the System Profiler window, select the type of connection under Hardware that your scanner is connected to your Mac by. Most likely this is USB.