Mac mini ssd upgrade tutorial

In contrast to a conventional hard disk, an SSD solid-state drive does not have magnetic disks with a mechanical read head, but stores the data on chips. Therefore, data can be accessed almost without delay. Unfortunately, Apple has left no room for a second 2. However, screwdrivers are now available everywhere and thanks to detailed video instructions, the conversion can be carried out by anyone who does not have two left hands. It is only important to take your time for the installation and to proceed carefully. My recommendations were helpful?

Mac mini Late 2014 Hard Drive Replacement

Then just say "thank you" with a coffee! Buy me a coffee. Before the built-in hard disk of Mac mini can be replaced by an SSD, we have to think about the available data and the operating system. The data and settings should of course be saved. There are two different procedures.

How to Upgrade Aluminum Mac mini Hard Drives or SSDs:

Once all the backups have been completed, we can proceed with the next step. Before that, however, we shut down the Mac mini, unplug the power plug and other cables and place the Mac Mini on a soft surface e.

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I bought the following linked mini screwdriver set. So I have all screwdrivers, incl. TR6 SafetyTorx and plastic-spudger, ready. Basically, it is recommended to wear an antistatic wrist strap when working within reach of electronic components. This protects against electrostatic charge and prevents possible damage to the Mac Mini. The bracelet is striped over the arm and has a cable with a crocodile clip, which is simply clamped to the radiator. Corresponding bracelets are already available for a few Euros e. Rosewill Anti Static Wrist Strap. Replacing the existing hard disk with a fast SSD is the easiest way.

The following video instructions show and explain in detail the individual steps involved in installing an SSD:.

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It is possible that the boot process after a new installation is not yet noticeably faster. Dont get too excited, I'm going to bring you down a bit. This is not a simple install. For most users this would be outside of their comfort zone. We would class the procedure as a Professional Grade Installation. You can see the procedure in detail at IfixIt.

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You can see you are basically disassembling the whole mac mini! We encourage DIY upgrading, however this one we recommend you seek out a professional to perform the upgrade.

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We have found that inexperienced users tend to accidentally damage their Mac Mini during complicated installations. They can be costly errors. You have been warned. When cloning is complete, power off your Mac Mini and install SSD as 2nd drive using detail instructions found online see link above. Step 5.

Compatible SSDs – Mac mini (2014 – 2017)

Restart the Mac Mini while holding down Option key. This will allow you to boot from the new SSD drive. The original drive can be kept for a while as a security that the new SSD is functioning exactly as the original drive.

Apple Mac Mini (Late 2014) HDD replacement

Later it can be reformated and repurposed as a back up destination or extra storage. Tools and software you will need for option 2: Option 3.

Upgrading Mac Mini (2014-2017): Installing an SSD

Fresh install easiest but takes longer than cloning because you are reinstalling everything! A fresh install is recommended if you already have backups of your files e. Time Machine or you think your computer is compromised by viruses or malware. Or maybe it is time for a fresh start.

It ensures nothing is carried over from the old hard drive. Step 1b. Read our blog on creating a Mavericks usb drive Step 2. Power off your Mac Mini Step 3.